Proof reading - An option for Self-Published Authors

Recently I've been reading a lot of self-published work that is suffering from lack of impartial proof reading (I've come across it quite often in traditionally published works, but that's another story).  We all struggle to spot errors in our own work - because we know what it is meant to say! - and spell check only goes so far.  While I am not a professional proof reader, I do have a very good eye for these things.  When I worked as a PA in a large publishing company I would occasionally spot errors that had been missed by the editorial teams.  Once I even came across an incorrect sum in a maths text book while going through it at home one night for fun (I know, I am a bit odd like that).

Professional proof reading is expensive.  Most will charge about £10 for 1000 words.  That's a lot of money when you're just starting out.

So, here's my suggestion: if I'm reading your book anyway to review it, I could make a note of any errors I spot, including if I think there are inconsistencies in the story line.

As a thank you for this kind service (sweet smile) I would appreciate a small donation, let's say £5 for every 200 pages I'm reading.  Let me know if you're interested in having an unbiased eye point out those little errors that can annoy your readers.  I'd be pleased to help.

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